Tell Ya’lls Girlfriends, Ya’ll Will Be Free Next Friday Night…

FullSizeRender (1)Dripping Springs, Junction, Jack Pardee: Grit of Texas High School Football.

Spring of 1938:The University Interscholastic League Director had asked the coaches of Prairie Lea High School and Martindale High School to study the rules of the game that started it all; Six Man Football. Both schools competed that first fall and tied for the District 3 Title with Dripping Springs. Only 55 schools participated in Six Man Football at that time. 

” Christoval, Texas welcomed Jack Pardee to their program in 1949. After high school, he and 34 others out of approximately 100 athletes,  survived Coach “Bear” Bryant’s famed “Juction Pre-Season” camp, in Junction,Texas. After completion at Texas A&M, he was chosen by Los Angeles Rams in the 1957 NFL Draft. He is the only six-man player to have played or coached in the NFL. “

All-American linebacker at Texas A&M University, and a Two-Time All-Pro, Jack Pardee is the only head coach to helm a team in College football, the National Football League, United States Football League, World Football League, and the Canadian Football League. Pardee was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame as a player in 1986, and also in the Six Man Football Hall of Fame. He has coached quarterbacks Jim Kelly, Warren Moon, to the Heisman Trophy Winner, Andre Ware. In the spirit of Texas, and Texas High School Football Play-Offs, I present to you this poem dedicated to Texas Six Man Football, and Coach Jack Pardee.


” Six Man Dance “

“Out in small town Texas, a handshake is a deal. Folks go to church on Sunday, say grace at every meal. Men open doors for ladies, kids say sir and ma’am. Boys can’t wait to join the Corps, and serve their Uncle Sam. But if you were to go there, come autumn Friday nights, the place might be deserted, when the whole darn town unites, upon a spread of hallowed ground, a grassy green expanse, to celebrate their civic pride and watch the six man dance. Now this dance is not for sissies, and I think you would agree if you knew a bit about a man by the name of Jack Pardee. Yep, they call it six man football, and they don’t get much acclaim.They don’t play for scholarships; but for the glory of the game.Three up front and three in back, any lad can be the man, to pass or catch or run the ball, and kick it if he can. A first down costs you fifteen yards; a field goal gets you four. You’ll hardly wait two minutes there before another score. Because for those without some speed, this game is not contrived, and if one team can’t keep it up, they might get forty-fived. That’s what they call the mercy rule, ’cause scoring is so fast. No point in running up the tab when one team is outclassed.So if you want a taste of life the way it used to be, where folks can trust each other and kids can still run free, and there’s a game where little fellers surely stand a chance,drive out to small town Texas, and watch the six man dance. “