Football Scoop: Resume Season


“Scoop Him Up: Resume Season”


The coaching profession can be strange.  While one door closes for one, it is presenting an opportunity to another, and opening a new door for the replacement.  Stability is sought, yet hard to find most of the time.  You almost feed off the adrenaline in seeking for the next job. Changes happen fast; the good and the bad.

For the coaches who find themselves out of a job, if everything were to work in full-circle, you would hop on another staff. The number of  candidates are extremely high considering the low number of open positions every year, and with this profession, like many, there are many quality coaches on the outside looking in due to the lack of education on how to promote themselves. Many say that it is a lesson in perspective considering how just that one trip to the AFCA each year teaches you.

We live in a very social, fast-pace  world that is constantly evolving (no pun intended).  Many say coaching is a fraternity, and your  “Coaching Tree” as I like to call it, may help, or hurt you with job opportunities.

The Football Scoop, now has opened another door to promote yourself. They offer a service called “Scoop Him Up“. It is their way of bringing the spotlight to those coaches deserving of some extra recognition. To be considered, please send us a brief note about a high quality / character coach along with a resume or summary of qualifications and references to [email protected] or through any of the other regular ways you all get in touch with us. Due to the surging volume of interest already, candidates with the highest quality of references will receive priority handling.


Let Me Scoop You Up with the Football Scoop!

A current resume I entered into the “Scoop Him Up” portal.

Praising The Line: Coach Barnett

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