You become the solution to you- giving thanks today.

Today, I am talking about giving thanks.  

Since my traveling schedule has slowed down a little bit, I was having the urge to read more about self growth. I love finding ways to help others, and seek out different ways to bring forth more optimism within my company, life,and relationships.

A few weeks ago, some things were not going my way that day, which led to a week, which led to a month and so forth.  So, what do some of us do? We open a bottle of wine, have a Netflix marathon and keep on the pity party for self fulfillment;  Little did I know I was handling things poorly and hypocritically. Here I am , a promoter of optimism, helping others with growth and I am digging myself deeper and deeper into a rut thinking that I am going to have to start from scratch, and quit what I have been working so very hard for.

Now, that I am rambling on and on about my pity party,  here is the most important part; I was forgetting to give thanks every day for the opportunities that have been given to me and not doing anything with them.  This last week, my thought process changed , which in tune has reflected of all aspects of my life and this is why:

  1. Every morning I wake up, I give thanks, and I say a prayer. 
  2. I refuse to say NO, NOT, and NEVER in terms of self growth, career, and remember that YOU BECOME THE SOLUTION TO YOU!
  3. Every day, I remind myself to keep removing all the negativity from you and around you. Think of want you want to achieve and believe that you will achieve that.
  4. Fall in love with you, if you don’t it is impossible to feel good about yourself, and project that when you don’t love yourself. 


Look for the positives in you. You attract what you think about: seek and you shall find. As you love yourself, you will love others. Appreciate more, and focus on your strengths and others’ strengths. Your joy in life, love, and career path lies within you.  

So, therefore, give thanks today! <3