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Orange Theory…What? Crossfit…Huge Skeptic 


Ok, so most of you all know, I am a HEALTH NUT.  Working out is a part of who I am, along side making sure that I am receiving the proper nutrients daily for my very busy lifestyle.

Mental Function and Stability!

Most of us are not properly educated on how important your eating, and sleeping habits contribute to your daily life.

Three weeks ago  I was introduced to  Vedo Vedalla and Kathy Fountain who own Smarter Fitness Gym off of Alpha Road in Dallas, Texas. These two beautiful souls put me through some intense workouts involving Orange Theory- something that I have never heard of. Just when I thought I was in shape, and could still perform at an athletic level, I was proven wrong, which in turn I loved! Orange Theory uses the science of heart-rate based treadmill interval training, the efficiency of indoor rowing for increased power and the proven concept of weight training blocks to create the fitness level you have always desired.

The best thing that I loved about the gym is the diversity of the people you see coming in and out, and how personal Kathy and Vedo are with their clients/gym members.  Everyone is happy and smiling when they open the doors; even when they know they are about to get their rear end handed to them.

Both Kathy, and Vedo are very successful human beings who really enjoy helping others. I love them so much that I decided to try Kyani Products to help increase my daily performance and recovery in and outside of the gym.  I thought that they were both pulling my leg until I tried them. My favorite are the Sunsets (recovery), and the Nitro Extreme Drops (mental function, energy, stability, wellness). I am telling you, quit going to GNC, or Vitamin World, and get on these products! If they can help me, they can help you, and others around you. I would have never known about them if it were not for Kathy and Vedo.

Smarter Fitness Gym is a must. I was a huge skeptic at first when I assumed they were doing Cross-Fit until I tried this Orange Theory workout. I will be a member of the gym when I done traveling, and maybe even get some one-on-one sessions, or try out Kathy’s Bootcamp that they hold at the Track.



Myself taking the Nitro Drops for Pre-Workout, and Post Workout!

Check Them Out TODAY! <3

BEST OF 2016!

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Smarter Fitness Gym

5702 Alpha Road

Dallas, Texas 75240