In The Trenches with Dave Rimington

“We are Offensive Lineman, part of the O-Line. Five guys working as a unit within the football team to establish the tempo and demeanor of the game. Our job description doesn’t sound fun, interesting or flashy, nor should it. Those who know football know the game is won or lost in the trenches along the line. We start the play and if we are good we finish it. We are the O-Line, we set the examples, we LEAD FROM THE FRONT.” – Grey Ruegamer- New York Giants

From Dallas, Texas to Omaha, Nebraska- I have never seen more corn fields in my entire life. We decided to do the drive instead of flying because when I travel, I personally love to soak it all in.  When we arrived we headed out to DJ’s Dugout and when I stepped into the “Meet and Greet”, I was by far the shortest person in there by at least a foot. The charisma of an Offensive Lineman stays with them, no matter the age.  I can assure you, you can spot them out anywhere because they are always demonstrating drills where ever they go. I love it!

The one thing I enjoyed most about the Rimington Camp was the Coaching Staff and most importantly where their hearts were within each individual camper.  Mr. Rimington did an amazing job with his selections- You have coaches who played high caliber Collegiate Ball through some of the all-time greats with the NFL Organization.  The experience each coach has is irreplaceable compared to any camp I have ever attended. Not only do you get critical training, discipline, and life lessons, but you also are supporting an amazing cause with the Boomer Esiason Foundation.   If you have not attended the Rimington Football Camp, please do yourself a favor and mark your calendars for next year to be in Omaha, Nebraska next Summer!