All Sights on Trevor Knight 

Two Teams: Same Scenario

The Testimonial of Texas A&M will take place tomorrow afternoon at Kyle Field. Texas A&M entered this season with many doubts amongst fans after losing three key offensive linemen , a 1,000-yard rusher last season, and not to mention the biggest question mark at the quarterback position. This match up with Tennessee will without a doubt stand true to solidify their first 5 wins, and set president to their next true opponent: The Crimson Tide.

On the other hand, we have Tennessee with the exact same script.  Every game the Volunteers have played, it has been a fray with the game clock.  A triumph against the Aggies will help skew the critics away, while solidifying their wins against Georgia and Florida.  The win will also lead them to sit side by side with the “Leader” of it all: The Crimson Tide.

So, who will it be?

Can the Texas A&M Defense hold their ground defending one of the best receiving corps of College Football, while their young offensive line protects Trevor Knight who is ranked 3rd nationally in rushing among quarterbacks with 392 yards and six touchdowns? Or, will Tennessee be able to force the Aggie offense to throw the football, and have the Aggie’s Secondary on their toes through out the entire game while not relying on a 4th quarter comeback?

This game will mark who is a “Force to be Reckoned with” for the remainder of the 2016 season within the SEC.