Easier and Sweeter Gifts for the Holidays

I know what you are thinking…

Twenty more days until Christmas, family is coming to town, business parties are overflowing your calendar and you do not know whether you are coming or going. To say you are stressed is an understatement.

How many times are we scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest, and Etsy liking all of these cute handmade gifts and treats wishing we had the time or the creative mindset to full fill all of our ideas? I do it ALL THE TIME, and, yes I loose sleep over it too…


I have a magic wand and that wand leads you to a not so ordinary “Sugar Mamma”. This one will solve all of your wants, needs, and desires with SUGAR!

Sleep these next few weeks will be a breeze because you already know now who to go to for EVERY SWEET DESIRE imaginable for any special event, or if you just want to treat yourself (I will never judge, I am guilty here too) .

She is by far the sweetest spot for life’s sweetest moments with having creative custom cookies, cakes and confections. These adorable treats ship anywhere within the United States. Oh, by the way, one of her cakes was featured in a movie too! 

You can find Sugar Mamma on Facebook and Instagram.

Also, she is having a Give Away as well! Contest ends this Friday the 9th!