The United States of Alabama #CollegeFootball

What a bunch of “fBS” right? 

They are like the NFL’s New England Patriots of College Football.

The Collegiate Coaching Profession: Where winning in certain conferences may not be good enough and playing against the Top Programs better be on the check list. But, what makes a better job better? As of now, you turn a program around within 2-3 years and if an opportunity present itself leave because…

You can’t play against Alabama to take their reign away.

You can’t play for a National Championship unless you participate within the Power Five Conference. The undefeated Boise States’ of FBS must wait for a bid before being considered a contender for playoffs. According to experts and computers they deem less powerful and in a lesser conference. 


Saying they are the lesser just irks me.

When did Coaching become more about being your own cheerleader than the team’s leader?

Look at what Matt Rhoule did with Temple University. He sustained success thus winning 2 consecutive Conference Championships which led him to Baylor University. Let’s be honest now with ourselves: Though some may not want to admit it, “Baylor” was the cousin to the stepchild of my beloved Texas A&M in the great state of Texas when it came to College Football. If it weren’t recently for what Art Briles and his staff accomplished on the field, Baylor would remain today a stepping stone with one incentive: You could play for a National Championship Title. Yet, here I am watching #24 ranked, 10-3 , AAC Champion Temple play against unranked 6-6 Wake Forest in the Military Bowl. Duly noted if Wake Forest had Temples’ record in the ACC they could possibly be competing in the college play-offs this year.

Do you remember when Mack Brown left North Carolina for Texas, Lane Kiffen from Tennessee for Southern California, and Tommy Tubberville’s short jump from Ole Miss to Auburn? All are Power 5 schools and yet we sometimes ponder on the idea of why Mack Brown did not think North Carolina could be made a  “Texas“.

The Alabama’s head coach stems from the leader of the Patriots’ Coaching Tree, and they both know how to win. We have read the accusations of how they cheat, and now are marked crazy to vote against Vegas when it pertains to the two. It seems as if there is Alabama and the rest of College Football… right?

So my question is to the coaches: Are you coaching to beat Alabama or become Alabama?  Is it the in-state talent, booster clubs, or administrators that make you chase for Crimson Red?

On a random side note I do remember when Dennis Franchione left the SEC’s Tide for Big 12 Conference’s Texas A&M; that was a great spin to the carousel.

How did we come this far to segregate Alabama from the rest of College Football and winning just simply being not good enough pertaining to stature? Have we made this sport to complex with our media outlets, agents, and the compensation plans we are giving to the coaches? Cheers to Oklahomas’ Bob Stoops, and NAIA’s hero Kevin Donley for staying put after years of  winning  and cultivating a program of their own. Teaching and Impacting lives on and off the field is one of the many reasons we respect this glorified profession.

What makes a great job, better and the better job the best?

Alabama’s Nick Saban lost to LSU while at Michigan State, left Michigan State for LSU, won a National Championship there, left, and has made the state of Louisiana solely consumed with beating Alabama again. If you can’t beat them, join them I guess…