How To Re-NEW You This New Year

“New Year, New Me”.

The ultimate #hashtag of New Year’s Eve.

We have written down our hopes, desires, and dreams. Finally after wearing stretchy pants these last three months due to the “Holiday Season” excuse we decide to go back full-force to the gym: You know that monthly membership that keeps coming out of our accounts even when we do not show up.

Routinely speaking, it is just what you do come January 1st.

In this world of multiple media outlets, and “quick-fixes“, we forget the importance of bonding with people face-to-face. Yes, there is a much BIGGER WORLD behind the screens of our cellular phones and laptops. Distinctively so, this year I am all about Self-Growth and Building Relationships.

Over the course of this break in between the Bowl Games and Podcasts, I decided to do some self-reflection on what I wanted to bring to the table this upcoming year with my business. As my followers know, I write/broadcast good journalism, promoting the “Why ” concerning my sports travels, personal promotional endeavors, blog, and lifestyle. One evening I went through my messages and really soaked in everything that has been sent to me over this last year. From professional athletes, coaches (at all levels), to the successful entrepreneurs, entertainment personnel and my loved ones; everyone deserves to have their own voice and sometimes they too need a safe haven to vent. Loyalty was never  questioned; they could rely on the integrity of friendship. There were times they wanted to use my voice to lead when at times they felt they could not; Huge responsibility. I missed the big picture because I did not understand my own personal “Why” as in “Why Me“?

Yes, that sounded like a whole bunch of he said, she said, but that is just that: We miss out on the truth and reason because we don’t listen. We react before reason.


Why do we not hold our words to a higher standard? You learn more by listening and waiting your turn to speak. Your words are valuable, so why waste them on nonsense that means nothing and brings no value? Think back to the coaching carousel and presidential election on how the media painted multiple truths. We all became puppets to the media.

Bo Porter told me this: “Sports is an institution of higher learning.”

As I sit here and watch my 2017 Calendar fill up with philanthropy events, games, and ceremonies, while working on my new How To E-Book (stay tuned),  I want to challenge you get inspired.

I want to make sure you are constantly surrounded by good. When you wake up the first thing I want instilled in your brain is something positive. Reading something inspiring and motivating in the morning is bound to get you ready to tackle the day. Thoughts create emotions. Happy thoughts create happy emotions. Gratitude is one of the most important practices I always recommend.


I am on Day 4 of REal Life EMPOWERED, and I can honestly say I have  accomplished more these last 4 days than I have these last few months ( and I do A LOT). I also downloaded the app which gives me inspirational quotes of the day from MLB Player, Coach, and Manager, Bo Porter. Reading the REal Life EMPOWERED daily devotional will educate your mind, enrich your heart and empower your soul. This enlightening one-year devotional will be your guide, every day, as you travel the path of REal Excellence.

Let us lead the way to success this year by creating a better culture while surrounding ourselves with like-minded mentors!

Happy New Year!