From The Sidelines To The Stands. #FootballSeason 

My weeks start with Friday Nights.




These two words may not mean anything to most, but this is what I have been waiting on since the end of the NFL Draft, and Spring Football.

I am a Coach’s wife. I love sports, that is the beauty. I can follow my husband’s job, cheer on his team, then the following days ahead be on a plane to another state cheering on another institution.

I  write/broadcast about sports, institutions, philanthropic events, and educate, while my husband is the on-the-field professor of his craft.


We Are Football. I’m invested.


Photography By: Captured By Grace

While being on the INSIDE has its’ perks that I do not use to my advantage, however, seeing the struggles of coaches these days from all levels can be brutal to the core. We have become as a society “soft”. Now brutal and soft do not mix: But guess what fellas, WE do not let the Coach’s COACH. 

The parentals are my favorite. Even though parents you may think you know what is best for your athlete, you don’t.

The Coaches Do.

They are the ones, day in and day out in practice who know what is best for the team.  Yes—you heard me, I said “Team”.  Not your kid or two kids put together, but a team as a whole unit.  Cheers to reality!

I can go on for days about this and the educational side of it all. But hey, this is my first post for the 2017-2018 season and I want it to be POSITIVE and UPLIFTING….so I will stop this rant here.


“To Friends, Wins, and Baby Noah’s Debut in December!”  Photography: Captured By Grace

I signed up for this life. It works, and I get it.  I would not change it, and I have zero regrets.  I LOVE Football, and I love that I can be a part of the madness here that happens on a Friday Night with my husband, while still being able to do what I love the most: Good Journalism.

Hats off to the Dallas Cowboys tonight, and until next time….


Sidelines and Pearls <3