7 Things I Learned From Baylor. #SicEmBears #NewEra 

Do you think I am about to word vomit on the “Infamous Scandal” that seems to make headlines daily?

NOPE. Not this girl.

I am moving on to the greener pastures which has my focus on Rhule. In many ways, the key word for Baylor Football this upcoming season is “New.”



“New- Era”

Baylor brings on a new Head Coach with Matt Rhule, a brand new staff, along with new offensive and defensive philosophies. Rhule will foreground new forms of involvement and assistance, both in the community and on campus. Preparing better men, and a newer, better football team are his top priority.

Game Day Experience

Sailgating anyone? The ultimate tailgate with a twist.  McLane Stadium is on the Brazos River which drifts through/along campus. When you approach one side of the stadium there you see a lagoon completed with boat dock allowing  a new form of tailgating that many can’t compete against.

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Less than 10 minutes until kick-off you will see The Baylor Line run out of the tunnel and The Golden Wave Band begin to play. Yes, IT DOES GET LOUD in there, there is tradition, and the seats are filled making Baylor less of the “Step-Child” as many suspect.

Noted: My favorite moment before kick-off was the prayer.

Family Oriented

The Simba Cam was honestly the most exciting thing to watch during the slower first half of the third quarter (this is not to throw shade), but it was worth it! Seeing family members lift up their children was by far a new experience for me at any Football appearance I have ever attended.

To the fans in the stands, and the Baylor staff: Everyone I encountered was extremely helpful, and deeply concerned about protecting my baby bump when I was entering on and off the field.  

The Press Box


You were greeted with all smiles from ear-to-ear. Even when/if they did not like what was going on during a play call, all of the uproar swas positive.  It was nice to be surrounded by positivity instead of random negative outburst.

When I am saying the word “New” is seen throughout the entire campus- I am not exaggerating.

Ah, I almost forgot the cookies…  So to all of my future press friends, do not forget to get a chocolate chip cookie the next time you attend a Baylor Football game. They were perfection!

Yes, I am 100% pregnant right now which leads me to the next item: Pre-Game Food.

Vitek’s BBQ

Texas BBQ, Sailgating, and College Football. Is this real life?



As to all Baylor fans, and other persons who want to voice their opinion on Baylor Football, you all need to acquire some patience.

Matt Rhule is the complete package. He has every resume builder that any school would want their Head Football Coach to obtain  along with a tremendous passion/appreciation for the game and our High School Coaches.

It is going to take some time to re-build a culture and “His” football program.

Time is what we seem to forget while keyboard trolling.

It does not happen overnight, and we all know there are messes to be cleaned and pride to be instilled for these newer young athletes.

Rhuling The Big 12 Conference

Let us smell the coffee. Art Briles was more than good, and his staff was more good, hence why many are still coaching in very competitive conferences.

Rhule has to be given opportunity to legitimately make Briles’ old team “His Team”. He has a chance to be THE difference maker in what is all Baylor Football and compete against the Big 12 for clout just as he did with Temple. Let us not forget, he took TEMPLE to consecutive Concensus AP rankings. Let me repeat that, TEMPLE… You know, the basketball school with their very own legendary coach.

Temple became a competitor.

What Rhule brings to the table that most Head Coaches do not, is that he has coached both sides of the ball and has even been Special Teams Coordinator.

It is safe to say that the two most powerful warriors are patience and time…