The Bryan and Barnett Show- A Thanksgiving Special!

This is the Barnett’s last Holiday as just Husband and Wife. Their son is due next week!

We have a Special Guest on the show – Coach Jeffrey Barnett as he joins us twice this week to talk Football.  This week we are conducting two segments for the Holidays: Pre Game and Post Games.


College Football Rankings, Rivalry Week, and what can happen if Auburn beats Alabama in the Iron Bowl.


The Coaching Hot Seat with Kevin Sumlin and Texas A&M? Erica’s take on the Coach Sumlin situation.

Bryan Houston and Erica Barnett are being coach potatoes this weekend because they can. It is all about Family, Food, and Football from Thursday to Sunday.


and did we mention that Erica can have this offensive lineman of a baby any day now?


P.S. Erica apologizes for the fact she could barely get a word in between Bryan and Jeffrey. She did enjoy her bowl of popcorn though…  🙂


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