The Bryan and Barnett Show- Cyber Monday and 48 Hours of College Coaching Madness

This is the Barnett’s last Holiday as just Husband and Wife. Their son is due this week!

We have a Special Guest on the show – Coach Jeffrey Barnett as he joins us twice this week to talk Football.  This week we are conducting two segments for the Holidays: Pre Game and Post Games.


Rivalry Week, MIAMI OUT, and Auburn beating Alabama in the Iron Bowl.


The Coaching Carousel has begun, and it has become 48 hours of non-stop madness.

Bryan Houston and Coach Barnett talk National Championship, Coaching, and the Dallas Cowboys.


and did we mention that Erica is having her lineman of a baby this week?


P.S. Erica apologizes for the fact she could barely get a word in between Bryan and Jeffrey. She is enjoying her resting at the moment, and maybe the extra ice cream…  🙂


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