I hate it, but this will increase in ALL Sports…

“Get ready HS Coaches. I hate it but this will increase in ALL Sports. You better provide an experience where kids won’t want to leave your program. Otherwise, you will be obsolete.”

This article about U.S. Soccer draining elite girls from DFW area high schools ran in Dallas Morning News a few days ago…..

More and more elite athletes are leaving their high school programs to play for developmental academies.

Concerned high school athletic directors and coaches are having to find ways to make their programs more attractive and appealing for their student-athletes.

Bryan recently talked with former National Athletic Director Of The Year Kevin Ozee about his thoughts about this issue and his ideas about how to keep high school athletic programs from becoming obsolete.

Coach Kevin Ozee, who was the national athletic director of the year in 2013, and served as AD at Arlington ISD, and before that, Southlake Carroll, tweeted out the article and this comment.