Sideline Fashion with Shop Tailgate: Fun Apparel for Friday Nights and Beyond

If you search endlessly for something cute and comfy to wear to your favorite Friday night high school game, I can tell you the search is over!

One stop at Shop Tailgate is all you need for a fun game night tee and a pretty date night outfit to celebrate your team’s victory. Owner Channa Norman knows what you need to look your best at the game and beyond; she’s a coach’s wife and mom. I caught up with Channa to hear about how she manages her busy life.


S&P: Where does your husband coach? What is your child’s name and age?

Channa: My husband, James Norman, is the Run Game coordinator at Connally High School in Austin. Our daughter’s name is Hamilton and she is 4 years old. Hamilton was an in-vitro fertilization baby after 7 years of trying to conceive.  (Author’s note: what a wonderful testimony of hope and perseverance!)

S&P: What was your inspiration for Shop Tailgate and how long have you had the shop?

Channa: My inspiration started years ago when I authored the “Life as a Coaches Wife” blog. I wanted to open an online boutique but had no clue where to begin. However, I attended Christmas craft fairs around DFW and found great game day wear that I shared it on my blog. I worked with some of the vendors to offer some of the items on my website, which started the creative ball rolling towards Shop Tailgate. After Hamilton was born, I decided to go for it and open Shop Tailgate. I took out several credit cards {not something that I recommend doing} and on a wing and a prayer we launched Shop Tailgate in October of 2015. My husband encouraged me to design my own game day tees and a year later, Tailgate tees were added to Shop Tailgate.

S&P: Describe the experience you provide for your customers; what kind of merchandise can they find and customer service you provide. 

Channa: We try to provide extremely personable customer service. We try to focus on the little details that I feel like are missed by other companies. It is not unusual for me to receive an item, then contact the customer directly regarding switching up their purchase based on the size or making sure they get the exact color they are wanting. Every Tailgate tee is made to order, so that the image fits the size of the tee perfectly. We treat our customers as friends. If you are a regular customer or are purchasing something for a special occasion, I might send you an extra Tailgate tee or throw in some earrings that I think you would like. I follow many of our regular customers on social media so that I can “get to know them” and then I am able offer even more of a personal service because I have learned who they are. We cannot accommodate every request but I work with you to find a solution so that you are satisfied with your experience. I try to make sure that I treat every purchase how I would expect to be treated as a customer.  (Author’s note: Channa’s provides amazing customer service which sets her apart from the pack!)

S&P: What tips and tricks can you share with us for maintaining balance as a coach’s wife, mom and business owner?

Channa: I cannot give 100 percent to every aspect of my life at all times. I run 90% of Shop Tailgate from my phone which allows me to respond quickly to a customer question or post an item for sale but it also blurs the line between my personal life and business.  First and foremost is my family. Shop Tailgate’s growth has been slow because I am in the thick of life; I have a husband who has a very full time job and a child who has needs that I have to focus on but it has been an amazing journey. I do not balance everything well all the time, owning your own business is incredibly hard and stressful. I have cried hundreds of tears over Shop Tailgate but being a coach’s wife has given me a drive and I hate failure.

Channa’s drive makes her shop successful! You can find her online at:



Note: I received merchandise from this boutique in exchange for my post. Channa will also provide the t-shirts for the upcoming Coaches’ Wives Retreat in June.

Guest Writer: Laura Leigh Majernik

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