Will make you re-think getting ready for game day

If you are like me in any way shape or form being a busy new mom while staying on top of life in general is just simply- CHAOTIC.


The last thing I have thought about these last four months have not been about being “fashion forward” to say the least, more so about making sure I pack enough diapers, wipes, and you know WAY TOO MUCH for one kiddo for a two hour event.


My little one travels with me. He is my new “Sideline Sidekick” and I love it!


YES. I have been that mom lately and I don’t mind admitting to it. 

Spotted: Wearing The Fly Fox Apparel during Easter and the NCAA Final Four in San Antonio, Texas.

So, where I am going with this is it is time to shine the spotlight on another Sidelines & Pearls partner. We love featuring the creative minds behind our collaborators and I recently spent time getting know Kayla Fox from The Fly Fox Apparel. Kayla recently joined the S&P team and owns a fun online boutique providing game day garb for the whole family!


Here’s what Kayla shared with me during our visit:

What inspired you to start The Fly Fox Apparel? I had been a Coach’s wife through six seasons, and I was tired of wearing the same clothes to the games. In addition, we started having kids, and I wanted them to have fun clothes to wear, too! I held off on starting the store because I was consumed with motherhood and my job (Author’s note: Kayla works at her in-home salon), but when I turned 30 I reached a point where I decided it was worth a shot. I’m so glad I took the plunge!

How long have you been in business? We officially opened the shop in January of this year. At the same time, I also found out I was pregnant again, so it’s been a whirlwind! But I’ve had so much fun creating clothes while making connections with other coaches’ wives and women who go “all in” cheering for their kids as they play!

How do you manage the busy life of a coach’s wife and having a home business? First things first, I lowered my standards. I couldn’t be in perfect shape while living in a clean house where I make super healthy meals and have kids that match all the time all while doing hair and running an apparel company, all while my husband is gone a majority of the time with coaching. Every day, I choose 2 things that matter, and everything else gets pushed to the side. Some days, it’s work and getting groceries. Other days it’s cleaning and making a nice meal. I just do what I can. And when all else fails, if my husband and kids feel loved and appreciated, that’s a win in my book! (Author’s note: Agreed!)

What do you like to do outside of your work and family; do you have any hobbies? I love to sing and enjoy helping lead worship at our church and other events throughout the year. Other than that, I just love spending time with our families, watching my kids and their cousins play, while catching up with my sisters and parents.

Why did you choose Sidelines and Pearls for a partnership?  Primarily because Erica is a go-getter and she saw something in me and my business and thought she could help make something bigger out of it (which she has!) Also, because I joined her Coaches’ Wives group and have been so encouraged by the women there. I enjoyed the environment she cultivated. It’s been a blessing to be a part of it.

Welcome to S&P, Kayla! Be sure to catch Kayla’s boutique at: www.theflyfoxapparel.com.

Please note: Sidelines and Pearls received compensation for this consideration. 



Guest Writer: Laura Leigh Majernik

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