About Erica

“It started with an act of kindness and gratitude towards my sister’s ambition to continue her passion; the love for the game. I wanted to do something for her that was personal, that was motivating, and that would show how much she has accomplished, and how she never gave up, even through a career ending injury. I wanted to make a video for her, and showcase it when she graduated from the University of Cincinnati in August of 2015 right before she made her move to become a Graduate Assistant while working toward her Masters Degree at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.”

Erica has  boomed this last month by simply being “Erica”. Since September, her sideline picture with Justin James Watt at AT&T Stadium, followed immediately with a Dallas Cowboy’s Hype Video, she has become a “Mystery” to the public eye. The next day her Social Media (which was already impressive because of her personal background) exploded, and she was getting requested by teams (High-School, College, NFL, MLB, NBA) to cover their games. She has what we call now, “The Erica Flare”,and it shows in her publications, and how she conducts herself around Agents, Athletes, Coaches and Mass Media Entities. Her quirky personality airs on ESPN Radio from time to time, and her Public Relations work with Coaches, Athletes,Organizations, and many other Institutions have been distributed on many media outlets.

It depends on what THEY want. Anyone can look up statistics, and of course the scandals on Social Media. We all know the “UN-Known” scares many. I like to bring the heart, character, and pride back to things, and mostly to life in general. Our world is already a scary place, and it is so easy to find the negative on anything. I strive to bring a more positive outlook from a third party view. The concept is  to make it look amateur to bring in different crowds.” Who are these programs and what do they strive to showcase to future students, and or future athletes? Why is she hyping up this particular school, professional entity, or this specific player and coach?  Who are the players, coaches, and organizations off the field and what do they do to help the community? Why am I here and why am I going from Louisiana State University, then the next day flying to an Oakland Raider game? Basically, there is always a story behind a story, and I am the one who wants to broadcast it. –  Erica

Erica has also been asked to attend schools as a “Motivational Speaker” with NFL players, Co-Host on ESPN Radio, Promos with ESPN, CBS, and USA Sports Today with the Coaches Poll, Promote Clothing Lines, Health/Fitness Products, and many others.

Her Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Page, and Snap Chat have been continuously growing since the end of September. She has almost 15k followers on Twitter, over 24k on Instagram, and the Evolve With Erica Snap Chat gets over 2k plus views daily. Let us all remember, this was a hobby, a passion, and then September of 2015 Football Season came along.

One of the many stand-out qualities about Erica is that her passion is helping others, and putting them first; This was not intended for fame or fortune. She receives many requests, Her supporters believe in her, Her cause, and what she does for the community and others is highly respected. The hard work she puts into everything is duly noted, personable, and genuine- This is hard to come across in any profession.

Photography:  Erik Williams – Houston, Texas

Excerpt & Quotes: Bryan Houston- National Sales Manager for Neptune Custom Music Solutions, Rattle and Hum Sports Podcast Host, ESPN East Texas Host, Radio Play-By-Play Announcer